Used-Vehicle Owners Warned of Faulty Air Bags

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Even with all the planning ahead and staff preparation, groups will find that they can’t consolidate everything the company does because there will still be localized tasks. - Pexels/Karolina...

Auto Groups With One Rooftop

Behind the scenes, that is. Merging back-office duties is accelerating along with industrywide consolidation.

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Vehicles involved in the recent crashes had been in previous wrecks and had their air bags replaced with defective equipment, NHTSA said. - Pexels/Dietmar Janssen

Used-Vehicle Owners Warned of Faulty Air Bags

Recent deaths, disfigurements blamed on replacement bags made by disreputable sources.

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Navigating Rising Dealership Costs: How Technology Can Boost Dealer Profits

Facing economic hurdles and increased costs, dealerships need to safeguard profits. Discover how advanced tech can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost profitability in today’s challenging automotive market.

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Certain 2023 Jeep Renegades are among the recalled models. - Stellantis

Recalls to Fix Issues That Can Affect Air Bag Performance

Stellantis, BMW events are unrelated but aimed at fixing potentially dangerous scenarios.

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